Our Story

A&G Mourtides was founded in 2007 in Athens by Anastasios (son) and Georgios (father) Mourtides, however our actual story begins centuries ago. Our family tradition in the tobacco industry dates back to the 19th century in Asia Minor and Caucasus, when father Konstantinos and son Nikolaos were cultivating and trading tobacco. More than 50 families were working in Mourtides’ tobacco farms and our products were greatly sought after and were even exported to the America.

During the first quarter of the 20th century, the political and economic turmoil that stroke the area of Asia Minor and Caucasus, ceased our family’s activities in the tobacco industry. What was not ceased though, was the love and appreciation of tobacco that was passed down in our family for generations through exciting stories, along with a strong legacy to carry on.

In the late 1990s the idea of A&G Mourtides was born, sharing the same fascination and zeal for tobacco and determined to follow our family’s legacy. Since then, everything has become a journey, or to be more accurate many journeys. Numerous travels in pursuit of excellence led us to unearth some of the finest tobaccos from all over the world. Meticulously selected for their aromas, flavors and overall quality, A&G Mourtides cigars aim to create an exquisite tasting experience for the cigar smoker.

Today, as A&G Mourtides has become an established brand in the cigar world, we feel very honored to have so many cigar lovers with us in our voyage. Hence, we really wanted to share our story with you, as we believe that the hard work, the love and the stories of people behindA&G Mourtidescigars are an indispensable part of their quality.


Anastasios and Georgios Mourtides