NEW: IVERA - Edición Limitada 2017

IVERA - Edición Limitada 2017

If you are not already a collector, Limited Edition IVERA cigars will tempt you to become one. A highly demanding vitola that requires the craftsmanship and the experience of the best rollers, will be released in a limited number of 100 handmade boxes. Every box is comprised of 25 Perfecto Double Shade cigars, in two different wrapper variations, that will delight both Maduro and Connecticut lovers.

If we were asked to describe IVERA cigars in two words, those would be: Rhythm and Harmony. The rhythmical alternation of flavours and aromas is exquisite throughout the combustion and it is defined by both the transition between wrappers and the changes in diameter. The element of harmony is present throughout the smoking experience and it combines uniquely the smooth transitions with the aromatic and flavour profile of this cigar, that develops and unveils gradually to crescendo into a flavourful finale.

Suggested Cut: V-Cut.

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